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    Clawing his way out of the doldrums
    Getting sick and tired of coke and rums
    We'll just have to wait and see
    Because he's jumped on the wagin before
    Only to crawl and beg for more
    His pride is just another casuality
    His pride is just another casuality
    Can you see beyond today's euphoric state?
    Do you remember how you'll feel tomorrow?
    All the people that you hate
    All the times you've had to wait
    Every piece of food you ever ate
    Reminds you of your fate
    He's clawing his way out of a paper bag
    Reaching for the life that he never had
    And he's just one step away
    He's going backwards on a two track
    He's going one step forward and two steps back
    Getting closer to gray
    In the end there's only grieving
    All his goals inside pulled thin air
    Can you blame him if he's desperate?
    There's nothing left for him to get
    And he dosen't care that the people stare
    And they do fucking stare

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