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    You're so cold

    Trapped inside

    Your private hell a slave to need

    I don't know

    What it's like

    To be most likely to succeed

    Only your boyfriend uses you said, black resin

    on your hands

    Your skin started looking yellow,

    eyes deep hollow circles

    No need to lie to me ....I was just a friend

    Still you wouldn't admit it ....till the night I

    found you

    Black & Blue up your whole arm

    Blood and tears both stain the marble floor

    Nothing but a shadow where my friend once stood

    God it must feel good

    For you to throw your life away

    You were evicted I too you in... to nurse you back to life

    Repaid by a night in a jail cell, for your stash in my car

    Otside the bank I knew

    You wouldn't pay me back

    Gave you one last present

    then I sent you packing

    Black & Blue up your whole arm...

    Two whole years

    Not one word

    I wonder where you are right now

    Are you incarcerated doing time?

    Are you popping uppers in a mental ward?

    Are you dragging a red shopping cart down Sunset Boulevard

    Puffing a smoke found at the bus stop?

    Are you strapped down at a hospital while doctors check your bile

    Waiting for a heart, liver or kidney?

    Are you passed out in a park bathroom head bleeding on the floor?

    Are you over it?

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