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    and so left to hurt, and now you feel fooled
    shes the one gone bad
    she'll do it anyways
    and take the lead and say
    she wont be kind now, realize
    cuz shez too nice to you, and you're too nice to her
    you dont let eachother
    gay parie
    cuz you know comes a time, when loves will unwind
    somebodys suffers
    whats new? still you,

    so you know now its over, love can damage your health

    you dont put up a fight, you dont let achother get burried
    you know theres a time
    so dont let down ur guard, even keep up ur sheild
    cuz she dosent care just what they say

    so you know now its over, love can damage your health

    i've brought you smehting close to me, left for something see through your hair you haunt my dreams theres nothing to do but beleive, just beleive just breathe

    sto pbreathing
    stop breathing
    stop breathing

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