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    I wish that sixteen weeks ago
    I could've met your friend
    And that she'd tell me all the things
    She'd tell me that you're full of shit
    And you'd treat me like it too
    She'd have a chance to talk me out of
    Mistakes I've make with you

    She'd give me back time I spent
    Playing make believe with you
    You say you wanted honesty
    But pretending isn't true
    Careful what you wish for
    I wish that someone would have talked
    Me out of talking to you and
    We'd never get our start

    And when I'd see you I'd simply run away
    I wouldn't have to break your heart
    Or make you want to stay
    And when I'd see you
    I'd have a second chance
    I wouldn't have to waste another day
    Feeling like I did today
    Like I did today

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