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    Oh, lonely day, oh, led astray, oh, burden on the land
    Oh always same, oh, nothing changed, oh, urge to bite the hand
    Withholding on your promise to the air
    Will only lead to something bad, I swear
    You can't escape the Angels' Share.

    Down again -- it seems a losing fight
    Yet, down again, I sit, to try to write
    An open letter to a President
    Or melodies to help a girl pay rent
    (We saved and saved, only to find them spent).

    When oh, the long road leads me to your door
    Feed me food and heal my health and offer me your floor
    There, you'll find me lying there in the morn.
    If I don't wake, you've got to let me go on.
    Let me go on my way.
    Do try.
    Get by.
    Because on and on, the tides are surely come
    As sure enough, they'll leave again as one
    As you and I, we will or won't be here
    As sure enough, the Angels take their share, but where?
    I'm not so sure I think it's fair.
    And I'm not so sure I think they care.

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