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    Well Little Dawn walks on,
    And she thinks she don't belong under the starry heights
    So take a sigh as long as the war's been going on in your heart tonight
    And if you want to make that light, go on and swim across the ocean
    And if you want to make it right, go on and put your plan in motion
    The gap is only as wide as the hollow of the sky between you, my dear
    And the truth, absolute,
    Adding naught more profound to it than that you are here
    And if you want to keep it bright, well you might have to burn a candle
    And if you want to keep it tight, well you might have to learn to handle
    But on the days and nights it's hard to breathe
    And you can't believe you still walk the streets
    Stretch out your weary hand to me - it's alright
    And if you're not content to just believe
    And if you don't consent to just let it be
    Stretch out your legs and dance with me all night, tonight
    It's alright (repeat)

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