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    There's no more bad weather underground

    It's time to settle down

    For all of the kiddies' sakes

    Yeah, you'll want to be around

    And who could have seen

    Where everyone would go

    And what did it mean?

    Not everyone can know

    I grew up with no gasoline

    On the darkest edge of town

    I became quite the changeling

    There was just so much around

    So much to be seen

    And no one to stop you seeing

    And oh, the things that I've been

    And all of the things I'm being still

    And I hold on to some dreams

    Though the years seem to move so slowly

    But that's how we've stayed so gold

    So, so long to you "Moderates"

    It's time for getting down

    Your peace and quiet is criminal

    While there's injustice in the town

    Go on with your dreams

    It's silly to let them go

    And say what you mean

    Not everyone can know

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