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    Had we never come across the vastness of pavement

    The barrenness of waves and the grayness of the sea

    Never lost or ne'er been misguided

    We'd have ne'er reached seas so shining

    Or come from out of a hansom in Camden

    To a bar in the basement

    While all the while it rained

    Or come around to the friendliest of faces

    Handsomest in ugly places

    Or come from out of the tunnels we dig in

    To see that tunneling's not living

    And working doesn't work

    Or come to find that loving is labor

    Labor's life and life's forever

    Or come to see that keeping's not giving

    You get what you've given

    You get what you deserve

    And in the midst of all of the action

    Maybe only there found satisfaction

    Chasing sea-foam dreams

    Around another dirty old town

    Parallel run streams

    Toward the gray ocean from the green ground

    'Oed und leer, das meer

    But look beneath the glassy surface

    All the songs you hear

    Down there they have a purpose

    All in all we cannot stop singing

    we cannot start sinking

    We swim until it ends

    They may kill and we may be parted

    But we will ne'er be broken hearted

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