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    I had a golden ring, and I kept it with golden things
    In the Bank of a Million Dreams that was bursting at all the seams
    I had a golden ring.  It was such an important thing
    That I kept it beneath my bed, and I carried it in my head
    I had a golden dream, and the way it down came to me
    Was through Captains of Alchemy, who came up from a steely sea
    And I dreamed through the rainy night, and I managed to sleep alright
    And my body became so light, that I managed to give it flight
    Because I know gold is just a trick of light
    And lead is light as a feather
    So, leave me where the kids are alright
    And we will all go down together
    I had a golden dream, and they took it away from me
    And they pulled it out of my head, and they showed me that it was lead

    And that's the way it's gonna be.

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