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    Here she comes and there she goes
    Wearing someone else's clothes
    Turning water into wine
    Ridicule into sublime  Oh Yeah!

    Been a daughter all her life
    Never ever been a wife
    She'll go out in the pouring rain
    Just to drive her dog insane  Oh Yeah!

    Well I love the little girl and I love her like a sister
    When the sun goes down she goes off like a twister
    She will tear it all down if she doesn't feel trusted
    In her under-age world I hope she never gets busted

    She will share in everything
    She'll confess to all her sins
    She's in love with all God's children

    She's got a ticket to the world...

    She can light your darkest night
    Maybe put your world to right
    She's a different generation

    She's got a ticket to the world...

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