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    Man, I never slept so hard
    I never dreamt so well
    Dreaming I was safe in life
    Like mussels in a shell
    Rolling and controlling all the basements and the backroads of our lives

    Fill their dreams with big fast car
    Fill their heads with sand
    Holy white we'll paint their town
    The colour of our flag
    Hey there little lady has your baby got the look of some old man?
    Standing on the Corner of the Third World

    Hungry men will close their minds
    Ideas are not their food
    Notions fall on stony ground
    Where passions are subdued
    Colour are the madness for the madness is the thorn that's in our side
    Standing on the Corner of the Third World

    When we gonna learn?
    Who we gonna turn to?
    The promises they make
    The call for our attention
    Compassion is the fashion
    Free to earn, our pockets burn
    We buy for love
    Die for love

    Hold me I'm crying
    Hold me I'm dying

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