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    Time will swallow
    Your precious time
    Like magic create the future

    What makes man so fickle ?
    Who put the daggers in those eyes ?
    Was it to learn
    Through dark days of struggle ?
    Was it to burn
    To burst all our bubbles ?
    Thunder and rain
    Well the cynicle flame will it heat, stick and blister ?
    Thunder and rain

    Evangelistic brother
    Should be banging a tambourine
    Go wash your hands and fingers
    Till your mind is clean

    Was it your fate
    To sleep like a normal ?
    Time and decay
    No man is immortal
    Thunder and rain
    Boredom and pain lit the cynical flame
    Will it heat stick and blister ?
    Thunder and rain
    Still try to resist the pessimist
    The pessimist no no

    And these things I find
    In the back of my mind
    Where time lasts forever
    I get all mixed
    Think I'm all mankind

    Listen Mr Pessimister
    With your Catholic taste
    Oh listen Mr Pessimister Pessimister
    We do not relate
    Listen Mr Pessimister, Pessimister, Pessimister
    Mr Pessimister

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