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    28 days of rain
    Flash floods in February
    Back in our boats again
    Bath water and the baby
    What am I gonna do?
    There's been a lot of drinking
    Looking at ghosts of you
    While all the world is sinking

    10.000 miles into the atmosphere
    My body shakes
    Is there a welcome here?

    Closest thing to heaven
    How do you do it?
    Closest thing to heaven, heaven

    Throw your arms round the world
    Make love your destination
    Here we go boys and girls
    Act like a generation
    Give me that ball and chain
    By now it must be hurting
    Dragging your feet again
    Just like a beast of burden
    When one and one and one make two
    I know I'm high because I've captured you,

    Closest thing to heaven
    Yeah, it's you
    Closest thing to heaven, heaven

    Look the world right in the eye
    Eat the countries that are making billions
    Sweet as homemade apple pie
    Saved by crumbs for all the starving millions, yeah

    Closest thing to heaven
    Closest thing to heaven
    How do you do it?
    Closest thing to heaven
    Uhh, hey
    Closest thing to heaven

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