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    Methinks I see a host of craft
    Spreading their sails alee
    Down the Humber they do glide
    All bound for the Northern Sea
    Me thinks I see on each small craft
    A crew with hearts so brave
    Going out to earn their daily bread
    Upon the restless wave

    And it's three score and ten
    Boys and men were lost from Grimsby town
    From Yarmouth down to Scarboro
    Many hundreds more were drowned
    Our herring craft, our trawlers
    Our fishing smacks, as well
    They long did fight that bitter night
    The battle with the swell

    Methinks I see them yet again
    As they leave this land behind
    Casting their nets into the sea
    The herring shoals to find
    Me thinks I see them yet again
    They're all on board all right
    With their nets rolled up and their decks cleaned off
    And the side lights burning bright

    Me thinks I've heard the captain say

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