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    Lived a lady by the north sea shore
    lay the band tae the bonny broom
    two daughters wear the beirn she bore
    fa la la la la la la

    One she was bright as the sun
    so coalblack grew the elder one

    A knight came right into the ladies door
    he travelled far for to be their wore

    He courted one ay with gloves and ring
    but he loved the other above all things

    Come sister, sister want you go with me
    and see the ship'sail upon the sea

    And as they stood on that windy shore
    the elder sister pushed the younger off

    Two minstrels walking down the north sea strand
    they found the maiden afloat at land

    they made a harp out of her breast bone
    the sound of which would melt heart of stone

    They took three locks of her yellow hair
    and weeded strings for that harp so rare

    All the things played beneath the bone
    and surely know, her tears will flow

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