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    In this city I confess
    I am driven to possess
    Answer no one, let them guess
    Are you someone I impress?

    I am a big boss with a short fuse
    I have a nylon carpet and rubber shoes
    And when I shake hands, you'll get a big shock
    You'll be begging for mercy when the champ is through
    You better believe I'll put my clamps on you

    In this city, be assured
    Some will rise above the herd
    Feed the fatted, leave the rest
    This is how we won the west

    I am a safebox, I am the inner sanctum when the door locks
    I hold the passkey
    You say you can't take it with you?
    We'll see about that won't we?


    In the city, I confess
    God is mammon, more is less
    Off like lemmings at the gun
    I know better, still I run

    I am an old man
    and the word came
    But you can't buy time or a good name
    Now when the heirs come around
    Like buzzards on a kill
    I see my reflection in their envious eyes,
    I'd watch it all burn to buy another sunrise

    Some men find the fire escape
    Old men learn it all too late
    push....push....push the alarm
    Old MacDonald's bought the farm

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