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    I have the road in my blood
    I drive a custom van
    I play the tunes
    I'm the neighborhood ice cream man
    So don't you mess this boy around
    The other day when the clinic had it's local debut
    Some chicks were trying to picket
    The doctor threatened to sue
    I don't care if it's a baby or a tissue blob
    but if we run out of youngsters
    I'll be out of a job
    And so I
    I did my duty
    cleaning up the neighborhood
    I blew up the clinic real good

    Try and catch me coppers
    Your stinkin' badges better think again
    Before you mess this boy around
    I've hung in Saigon just to see the special effects
    I've hung from gravity boots for my napoleon complex
    It's time to close
    Ohhh.... There she blows.
    History In the making
    You picked a fight.
    I pick dynamite
    I blew up the clinic real good.

    Preacher on a corner
    Calling it a crime
    The ends don't justify the means anytime
    I stood up on my van
    I yelled "Excuse me, sir
    Ain't nothin' wrong with this country
    a few plastic explosives won't cure

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