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    One happy day
    When everything changed
    Hoping to see
    That bliss comes to me
    Living the dream
    The dream that loved me
    Has tried for some days
    To escape while i sleep

    I smashed the mirror
    But it stayed in one piece
    The face that I saw there
    Was so full of she
    That devilish look is new
    I've never seen before
    Hopelessness you

    Dragging the feet
    Gray days that I meet
    But hope still remains
    Sun shines in my veins
    Raising my eyes
    Raise my voice to the sky
    Hopelessness you
    Do you see that I'm true

    You feel like the dreaming will never do
    Then open your eyes and see the world is new
    And everything changes
    Better than you ever dared to dream before
    And hopelessness she tears apart
    All that you are

    Not everything here?s
    As good as it seems

    Like it or not
    Life runs around clock
    Hopelessness she
    Gets all when you lose
    And when you are weak
    She won't let you choose

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