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    write these words back down inside we have burned their villages
    and all the people in them died and we adopt their customs
    and everythign they say we steal all the dreams they had we kill
    still we all sleep sound tonight
    is this what you wanted to hear
    we erased their images and dance
    and replaced them with borders and flags
    everything they say we stole
    at the top of this timeline you'll rmember
    this is the lipstick in the collar and in my own life
    i've seen it in the mirror
    sometimes at the cost of others hopes
    so write these words back down inside that's where you need it
    the most
    and without conviction of heart you will never feel it at all
    yeah we all dance to the same beat when we're marching yeah
    the tv tells us everytihgn we need to know
    and this scene is painted in all the fashions of the moment
    and history is all the same
    everything you say you stole
    every dream you dreamt you bought

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