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    Now hold to the dream don't forget to stop
    Keep it real we can make it to the top
    Spread your wings and take it to the stars
    We can do it cuz we know just who we are
    We gotta do dis cuz together we stand
    We on a mission and we got a secret plan
    Spread your wings and kick it to the sky
    Holla to the planets now we're passing them bye

    The second star to the right
    Shines in the night for you
    To tell you that the dreams you plan
    Really can come true

    The second star to the right,
    Shines with a light that's rare.
    And if it's never land you need,
    It's light will lead you there.

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star
    So i'll know (i will know) just where you are (where you are.)
    Gleaming in the skies above (ohhh)
    Lead me to the land i dreamed of...

    And when our journey is through,
    Each time we say good night, (say goodnight)
    We'll thank the little star that shines,
    The second from the right. (second to the right)

    The second star,
    The second star
    The second star to right
    The second star,
    The second star
    The second to right

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