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    Summertime and the livin is easy
    the summer?s here yeah you gotta believe me
    i?ll ride the wave to wherever it leads me
    where the sun shines bright and the wind blows breezy
    no sleep til summertime

    in the summertime all is rad
    you know just what i mean
    girls look fly passing by
    it?s a beautiful scene
    toes in the sand, hand in hand
    everything unplanned
    same time same place
    soaking the sunrays
    don?t you forget my face

    in the summertime it?s all good
    you know just what i mean
    the boys look fly, they catch your eye
    it?s a beautiful scene
    justin on the radio, party on the patio
    ready here we go
    same time same place
    soaking the sunrays
    big smile on my face

    there?ll be no sleep til summertime oh yeah
    (aw come on come on)
    waiting for it all through the year
    (flip floppin halter top rockin)
    there?ll no sleep til summertime
    (t squad pop lockin)
    waitin til the summer is here
    no sleep til the summertime?s here
    (uh yeah)
    til the sum sum summertime?s here
    no sleep til the sum sum sumertime?s here
    boys & girls:
    soda pop ,old school hiphop
    dancing till we drop
    send me a text whassup next
    lying in the sun
    monkey in the middle, when we were little
    we knew how to have some fun
    same time same place
    soakin the sun rays
    can?t let it go to waste

    chorus repeat

    reason one that summer rules
    we don?t have to go to school
    from the beach to the pool
    looking hot and keeping cool
    open toes t?s and vans
    working on the perfect tan
    instant message what?s the plan
    parents just don?t understand
    hot dogs beach parties
    checking out the superhotties
    volleyball and catching rays
    now it?s time to hit the waves
    at the mall window shopping
    dreaming up a look that?s poppin
    summertime jams droppin
    summertime is never stopping

    nah nah nah nah

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