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    (repeat until fade)
    Shining up upon me is
    Something unimaginable

    When stars creep up their magic darkened sky,
    All my worries go to rest,
    I could pick upon them
    Just reach my hand up easily


    When I?m with you (you you)
    I never seem to take simple frown
    When I?m with you (you you)
    I turn my worries upside down
    I take a curtsy and a bow
    When I?m with you

    (Russian translation)
    I can run from far away to you
    Run from far away!
    I can grab the clouds and stars
    with all the magic in our hearts
    We can sail away to distant lands, never returning there
    Oh oh


    Yeah, when I?m with you
    To distant lands, to sail with stars,
    To grasp the clouds
    Laying up above.
    When I?m with


    Yeah when I?m with you
    When I?m with you
    with you
    When I look up the sky up above

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