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    I used to take you at face value
    You spoke and I listened
    And the only thing missing
    Was the truth
    I promise
    Lines as honest as a three-dollar bill
    You lie
    I lie
    Words that give me my fill
    Going on like this is so illogical
    I am sick of these poisoned
    Sprinkled with your love

    You just tell me
    Not see the world
    Through my eyes
    And when it's all over
    You turn and you walk
    Somewhere predictable
    Don't blame things on me
    It's not my fault
    That you're so afraid
    Of tomorrow's yesterday
    (Running from tomorrow's yesterday
    Tomorrow's Yesterday)

    You say yes
    You say no
    I must obey you
    You say come
    You say go
    No reasons to defy you
    You change just like the weather
    First you're up then you're down
    (Down so deep)
    You say you can't stay with me
    Then you promise me eternally
    Save your breath
    I'm tuning out


    Nothing I need to hear
    I'll just plug my ears
    And sing real loud
    La la la
    Liars laying in the lounge
    Talk if you want
    I don't care anymore
    Break me and turn me into
    What I am not


    (Broken Words)
    I am past the breaking point
    (Ya sohsla s uma)
    So I need to bottle it up
    I used to take it all personally
    Now it sounds all the same to me
    Rift-raft bullshit you serve me
    On a platter

    I can deal with this bullshit
    And as long as I stay away
    I'll be safe
    From tomorrow's yesterday


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