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    my name, my name, my name.
    please oh please be here, please be be be here.
    I try, i try , i try, i try.
    that burning was feeling that killing that blood.
    please please please be here, please please please be here

    Verse 1.

    i want you, u want me, i cry....u cry .. we cry.
    i'm bored. save me. at nine pm in front of the russian song stats.
    PLEASE BE HERE. u stood me up once before, why do u hurt me so?
    we were once lovers but u killed me, my heart, so i try, so u beg, so i try, so u beg..
    i feel pity, don't u hurt me again, i'll lose my mind and then party like its my birthday, have i crossed the line
    i guess i'll have to die another day! don't be madonna don't be brittany don't be dhristina
    and don't be kylie, Be here.

    guitar solo

    verse 2

    i eat, i drink pizza, i love movies, i want movies, i love you, i wantr you
    i read trash magazines, since u left me all those years ago, u kill me, i crumble like a chicken
    why do u hurt me so?


    VERSE 3

    be here, please, here u must be
    u never show, u never care, uu never wish, u never pay.


    u need to be here, i love you
    please be here.

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