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    When life resigns
    From today
    Will you hide
    From all time
    Will you hide
    From the truth
    That you said
    Would be real

    If hush
    You will hear
    What I go
    Through at night
    You can toss
    You can turn
    You can try to escape

    I feel it
    In my skull
    When I hear
    Your name
    I grow small
    I grow sad

    This charade is getting
    Today is getting
    This distress is getting
    Time shows Im getting

    If I wish
    Close my eyes
    I will ask
    For you back
    But you left
    In the night
    All alone
    Without you

    Even if you shall lie
    I will tell you the truth
    You can see all the hurt
    If you stare in my eyes

    I feel it
    In my arms
    When I hear
    Your voice
    I grow small
    I grow sad


    If I set
    Back the clocks
    Would we love?
    Would we hate?
    Would you spare
    Just my life?
    Would you ruin my day?

    I can run
    I can leave
    Dont be scared
    Please come back
    Cause if time
    Wastes me
    Ill be gone forvever

    I feel it
    In my legs
    When I hear
    Your accent
    I grow small
    I grow sad


    If I try
    To bide you time
    Will you come back to me?
    Or will I
    Have to beg?
    Life is not being fair
    Shame on you
    Youre not here
    Cause you left
    That I call back to see
    Cause I feel
    Burning fire

    I grow old
    Thinking now
    I grow old
    When you call
    I grow old
    When light dims-acapo

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