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    Hi this is my friend Daphne and I'm celeste


    Ooohh stick jo mama too

    And your dada! [x4]

    aaaaaaaah o!

    Aye! [x3]

    Yo mama yo dada

    yo greasy greasy hair

    got a whole in yo pants

    gotta big behind

    yo look like frakenstein

    beep beep beep like sesame street

    toot toot toot outa style boots

    is that beer?

    up you butt with a coconut



    Do you wanna know how I really feel about you?

    You got facial hair like a polar bear

    you blow up like a toad and then explode

    ur face is mean like Haloween

    you got big red eyes like cherry pies

    Your IQ is diggory-doo

    You look insane and got no brain

    You got a butt like a bowl full of jelly

    And you're a hill-billy that looks like free willy


    Gid-gid-giddy up horesy

    Riden' cowboy!

    You look like a horror movie...


    Riden' cowboy!

    D'yo wanna know what I really feel about you?

    You're a little kid that looks like a squid!

    You got curls like a can of worms!

    Teeth like a balloon!

    Face like a baboon!

    Everyone knows you chew on your toe and fingernails and eat em for dessert!



    You got ears on your face like mr. Ed!


    Everyone knows you take cheese and make it into shampoo!



    Whay am I saying ping-pong?







    Ohh stick you!

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