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    You say you want
    To be my friend
    And then you turn
    Your back on me
    What do you do
    When you wake up
    And find somebody
    Sleeping next to you?

    So you hide
    You hide
    You hide
    You hide
    From the world

    I will not lie
    Things were getting aged
    Around here
    That was why I pressed on
    4 several times
    I multiplied and subtracted
    All in all
    I turned out so wrong

    So I hide
    I hide
    I hide
    I hide
    From the world

    She was smarter than most of the
    Other people I had
    She could actually crack me
    Get my answers
    Get the multiples
    Make me clones
    She was scary
    She was like me

    So we hide
    We hide
    We hide
    We hide
    From the world

    What used to be good is now bad
    Either way my life is sinking fast
    Ill die quick
    Thats all you want to know
    You can try to calculate me 6 times
    Still youre never gonna get your answer
    Im too coded all over
    Youll never find my digits
    Oblique with numbers
    No secrets to hide once uncovered
    Nothing to search once unveiled
    Just look inside my mind and
    Youll see what I see

    So they hide
    They hide
    They hide
    They hide
    From the world

    We'll take cover
    We'll run away, you and me
    We'll get away
    They're not gonna get us

    We'll hide
    We'll hide
    We'll hide
    We'll hide

    We'll hide and be safe

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