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    I am completely overthrown
    With discontent
    Being educated by your mind
    Was harder than I thought
    I feel like life has morphed
    My body into something else
    Everything is changing
    I used to be a good girl

    A good girl

    Aerial burns on my back
    Something is stirring inside
    Crashing me down
    I feel lost
    And the sunrise comes
    I used to be a good girl
    Thats who I was
    Gone, shes never coming back
    That was the old me
    A good girl

    Life used to be different
    Nobody cared about me
    When I wasnt even looking
    I found you
    And you came into my life
    My life, so wonderful
    I cannot begin to describe it
    I used to be a good girl

    A good girl


    Can you even start to wonder why
    We are beginning to fall apart?
    Maybe we just made the wrong
    Decision in life
    I could have sworn
    You were the one
    I could have told the world
    That I really fallen in love
    For the first time

    The roughs on my eyes
    Dont go away
    Mama tells me that Im cursed
    Papa says that Im too active
    I just wanna be free

    From what I used to be

    A good girl
    Oh no
    A good girl
    Not again

    Chorus (Heavy)

    Shes coming back
    I sense her
    Its my fault
    How can I work the truth out?
    I want to explain it to someone
    Will they listen?
    Or will I really need to leave
    This time?

    Calm down
    Count to 100
    Dont light
    Dont extinguish
    We are ordered to burn out
    Im your enemy
    It has turned out so

    Good girl
    Be a good girl

    Chorus (softly)

    Good girl
    Good girl
    Good gir

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