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    Quiet this night and open these eyes.
    I find myself lost in the shuffle.
    This breath of life is getting complicated, and my mind has shut down.
    This rope's end is harder to hold.
    I'm at the point of surrender, but I can't let go.
    Lifting my hands used to be so simple, but I fight to give it all.
    I can't fake it anymore.
    Take this life and make it yours.
    Bend this will until it breaks.
    I am yours.
    You can have me.
    Take my heart and lift it up, and I will hold on to you.
    I am yours.
    You have me wanting and needing more, aching and longing to hold you.
    It is becoming harder to know my own self.
    I feel that from a distance, I am watching my life get turned upside down.
    I have been so thirsty.
    Why can't I notice me and stop lying to myself?
    I asked for this portrait.
    I pleaded for this, but now I bend under the load of responsibility.
    Will it all fall by the wayside, and will I let it?
    Will there be anything left to hold onto but me?
    I need you more than I need myself.
    I can't do this on my own.

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