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    dim the lights
    so you cant see me
    close your mouth
    dont speak
    just feel me

    closer we become
    together we will fall
    than we're one
    this night
    this night
    we give ourselves one night

    the mood is set
    the food is eatin'
    the time is right
    for love
    it's beating
    a little bit of talk
    a little bit of pleasure
    a little bit of makin out
    and than we work it out
    a little somokey-smoke
    tell me a dirty joke
    up on your roof
    on your roof
    and we dont need nobody
    to have a little party
    its just two
    just us two
    and we dont need nobody
    cuz we go ladi dadi
    just us two
    me and you
    me and you

    feel the kiss
    and smile so softly
    we're just friends
    but i like you slightly
    we wont cross the line
    we'll go on proper
    takes some time

    just a boy and a girl
    just us two
    in a world


    take a walk with me
    and we'll go dancing in the rain
    and baby we'll run under a tree
    ill look at you
    you'll look at me


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