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    Wi nuh cater fi dem and those

    Cause wi nuh like
    Hypocrites and parasites
    and wi nuh like
    Funny man and sodomites
    and wi nuh like
    niggaz when dem over-hype
    fassy weh a gi wi a fight
    So-called breddren weh back bite
    wi nuh like
    watching pum on satellite
    and wi nuh like
    Fila cause wi prefer Nike
    and wi nuh like
    gal a come in a mi sight
    and dem bell full a stripe
    gal weh ugly like a fright night
    but wi like
    gal weh keep di suppen tight
    yes and wi like
    slapping ina candle light
    with over night
    gal weh coulda be mi wife
    gal weh step up ina life
    gal weh mek wi know fi feel nice
    and wi like
    when a freak talk pon di mic
    yes wi like
    when dem can ride pon di bike
    and wi like
    when dem know when fi tek a hike
    cau' freak nuh fi stay over night


    Thru di way wi gwaan gal a seh wi sex crazy
    when it come to loving wi nuh tired and lazy
    gal a get freaky a try fi amaze wi
    gone di extra mile but dat nuh phase wi
    whole heap a punki see wi living and a we dem want help
    but wi all a mek dem pose like a bottle pon shelf
    jealousy, bwoy a si dung pon wi name twelve to twelve
    and nuff a dem deh bwoy deh fi guh suck dem self

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