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       Well yu supposed to know my crew got dough
       Anyweh we go a we a spill all di mo'
       You supposed to see my crew nah flee
       And all di wanna be's wanna be just like we
       Yu supposed to hear my crew don't care
       Anyweh a gal slip she get fuck right there
       Yu supposed to say dem bwoy ya nah play
       A buss up A.K. all inna brawlin day

    Verse 1:
       My crew nah stray fi sex we nuh pay
       Gal tun inna freak wid a bottle of alize
       Then she turn backway...wuk dat whole day
       All inna belly we a slam like Doctor Jay
       Or even Kobe...fuck gal cuchie
       Monica, Brandy, or Mariah Carey
       Di whole a dem a swarm we
       Want we room key
       Wi mek porno video pon M.T.V


    Verse 2:
       My crew fly high...we dont like spy
       We tek weh bwoy woman in front a dem eye
       Then wi laugh after guy...dem can't ask why
       Cause pon di punanny wi don't tell lie
       It's a big dog thing...drown who can't swim
       The honey's dem loving the flava we bring
       See wi diamond ring...cashflow bling bling
       Your girl wanna play wid my ding a ling


    Verse 3:
       My crew nah joke..madness we invoke
       So drink what you drink...nigga smoke what you smoke
       My west coast down south folks
       My dogs up north on di eastern coast
       Make the ladies say "OW"....fellas say "OH"
       Go DJ Go DJ Go!
       Salaam Remi take all fassy dough
       Champagne flow meanwhile di vibes grow


    {Repeat Song From Top}

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