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    Ah wonder if dem really understan
    Say Badman nuh beg fren
    An all ah di freak dem we ah go put dem
    under wi foot
    An trample dem, Spragga Benz sing.


    Say we nuh inna dem funny guy thing
    Bad man nuh wear G-string (~'yu mad?)
    Wi nah join nuh sodomatical system
    Ah brimstone an fire dat ah go bring bring bring
    Nah mix an mingle wid freak badman nuh wear
    tight brief
    Jah Jah ah go dismantle all ah dem clique
    Am lef dem in misery and grief (because)

    1. Dem nuh want nuh woman to girls dem say no
    But when dem see another man dem light say go
    Father god govemment dem wah overlhrow
    But dem ahgo get an fatal blow so
    Dem better stay far out ah badman way
    Fi dem kind ah ball game badman nah play
    Wi nah bow down to dem nah beg dem nuh fren
    Cause dem ah get the wrong trend (wi sing again)

    2.  Fi dem mentality mi nuh understan
    How yu fi come out ah woman an di go inna man
    To me dat ah di ultimate corruption
    Kill mi dread mi will never be part ah dem gang
    Wi nah support nuh battimatical act
    Ah woman haffi drive di benz till it crash
    Bruk di stick shift an dun di gear box
    Mek di hand dem show if yu nuh climb man back
    (Dem side an dat)


    When dem want di loving wey dem go ask lenny fah
    Why dem ah bypass Angie and Jennifer
    Debbie waa gi him, him no haffi pay an penny fah
    Him nuh want Debbie Cause an Danny him prefer
    Now ah di little school boys dem him after
    Playing the role of ah perverted Santa
    Ketch dem wid Nike and Tommy Hiffiger
    Can't try dat wid dis ya nigger

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