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    Spy Detail: There was a 498 DS
    A top secret formula had been stolen from the research lab
    We had a job to do
    We ran all suspects name through R&I and came up with

    (King Kirk)
    Respond like James Bond to this con named Don
    milli ons in his palms sellin' neutron bombs
    Time 6 a.m. agent mayhem and eight men no maybe ten
    came to scoop me in the Benz in the ??Graham??
    Money involved? Say when gave me a beige Range and thangs
    but they claimed the Range changed to a plane, strange
    but perfect, showed me circuits and how to work it
    Wounds- how to nurse it, weapons- how to burst it
    searched it, like a serpent, read the blueprints
    dime be with two chinks sportin' links and new minks
    Drive a six with dark tints and one of the chinks
    named Dinks and Dinks always drinks so he thinks he's invinc'
    Other chinks a wimp, but Teflon's his vest holds
    if he think you gonna roll, he'll put holes in your dress code/
    Time to load and hit the highway, I'ma do it my way
    Spy way, do or die way, Schwarzenegger, True Lie way!
    So I pulled up on the drive way, ran thru the side way
    saw his compadres, motherfucker, yippee kay-ah
    Die hard!, nigga yelled "my God!", caught an Uzi scar,
    hit the tar, other bullet to the car, "Ah!"
    Time to pay him back, time to fade him
    Got up tried to spray him, no aim, so I grenade him/
    didn't get the Don but the bombs was a factor
    Found what I was after, set the reactors
    for two minutes, heard laughter and "lieutenant you finished"
    It was the Don with a Smitheth, Wessun to my chestun
    for a second I thought I was dead, no more said
    then I heard shots of lead and lead sped through his forehead
    Brando with the ammo and Dubez with the Uz'
    Move into plane rovers, motherfucker, we spy hunters

    (Big Dubez)
    Big Dubez, Billy D, four-five, concealed weapon
    Runnin thru bricks that niggaz ain't yet step on
    Eludin Cop-po, in the eight, inhalin char-coal
    They tailin but I'm Indy 500 Monaco
    Pigs can't stop no, Sporty Thiev Gestapo,
    They sickened against flip whips to saw you slick and
    out the fender, yo, no retreat no surrender
    To the fullest, that's why my toys deflect bullets!
    On the cell like "Who in charge? Get me the sarge"
    Your squad car next, your fam reached my garage
    Espio-nage, yo my fate on the rocks
    I blow 'em out the box, firin missiles on roadblocks
    On the verge on smack-ups, forces callin for back-up
    chunked in the trunk, 200 ki's to crack up
    Breathe holdin's essential, spy-hunter utensils
    four govermentals with four sets of dentals
    I'm on a Cannonball Run like Burt Reynolds
    Bustin off at the choppers, backin down coppers


    (Marlon Brando)
    We in the Phillipines, on death row, about to face guillotines
    my crew lace marines, stick over and make realer teams
    so yo, say hello to my li'l friend, wanna play?
    OK! feel ten thru your steel, man
    Yo we come together like foreign lea-ders
    Livin large in Argen-tina, camouflaged in Kor-ea,
    in the bushes where they can't see-us
    spin astro 16 silence-face screw ons
    Mission impossible, merge em to the Persians
    with 2 glocks to my head, enuff cream to flip the script
    Got niggaz watchin the Feds, twenty ultra-red
    beams comin through my window, tear-gas bleak up my glass,
    The smoke blew the crib-bo, the coke moves are ditto
    Layin blue in Beirut, sneak-in weed-in Swe-den
    Shook the D's in Peru, like a crooked Batman
    with no partner but still (robbing/Robin),
    trails be mind-bogglin, leave the D's followin
    my front man, I be the big man behind the front man
    Front man got knocked? Big man still be the trump man
    Mix six crews and their glues, skully low smokin ni-ckles
    Runnin' up in cold blocks with ic-icles, spray the trey-nickle
    guaranteed to hit you, if I miss you
    bullets will probably ricochet and nip you
    and fall like the Berlin wall
    hang 'em off ??the terror spies?? lets make a ball
    crooked navy seals with flak-on, sniffin, getting they crack on
    I managed to mack on enough oil to put Iraq on, stapped the gats on
    for this spy-war, coke lab, helicopter roof, and a cy-borg

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