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    * Yes this is the Sporty Thievz who did "Cheapskates"
    and released the album "Street Cinema" +not+ the 40 Thevz

    Nada Franchise
    Nada Shotcallers
    Yeah Sporty Thievz Sporty Thievz
    Uh huh nada

    A Pigeon is a girl who be walkin' by
    My rimmed up blue brand new sparklin' five
    Her feet hurt so you know she want a ride
    But she frontin' like she can't say hi

    1 - (Uh oh) Ya'll chicks ain't gettin' nada
    (Uh oh) Your pussy ain't worth the Ramada
    (Uh oh) Anyway your friend looks hotter
    (Uh oh) Game is somethin' we got alot a

    2 - (Uh oh) Cause I don't want no Pigeons
    Them be them girls who gets no dubs from me
    Playin' the bar dumb broke wit her best friend's coat
    Tryin' to holler at me

    I don't want no Pigeons
    Them be them girls who gets no dubs from me
    Playin' the bar dumb broke wit her best friend's coat
    Tryin' to holler at me

    In the front of the club I see this girl like, "Yo love"
    Thought she said thug but she called me a scrub
    Scrub? What? She musta talk me a joke
    Broke Pigeonhead freak, you lucky I spoke
    This ain't my Benz there, it's my man's, yeah
    But this ain't my car like that ain't your hair
    (Uh-Oh) Pigeon, take them fake jewels off
    (Uh-oh) Pigeon, take your friend's shoes off
    (Uh-Oh) Pigeon, the hell with that crazy shit
    Ya'll make me sick, go home and fuckin' babysit
    My big dogs don't love this
    King Kirk bitch, get a brush, and scrub this (right)

    Repeat 1

    Yo, chill cousin, these birds is ill cousin
    Cause they call me scrub like we can't even bill cousin
    Trick Ronald's, you ain't worth the McDonalds
    Throw you on the street team, make you shit vinyls
    Hey yo Flex, shorty tried to flash me wrong
    How she gonna wear sandals wit nasty corns?
    That be wrong
    I wonder how you get hearts
    In dirty Victoria draws with the skidmarks
    Uh, ya flat ass gets enough laughs
    Take it to the salon, pluck ya mustache
    So next time you shotgun, and that hoe bitchin'
    Hittin' you a scrub, call that bitch a Pigeon

    Hey yo, I got two nuts bitch, choose a ball
    You only walk Pigeon-toed cause ya shoes are small
    You don't shop, you just cruise the mall
    No dough, with Lee Press-Ons
    Frontin' with ya girlsfriend dress on
    You birds wanna take over?
    Get some cash and a Jenny Jones makeover
    Broke Bitches, I hate Pigeons
    Dirty braid Pigeons, medicaid Pigeons, Section Eight Pigeons
    Got me fed, burned I tell these birds Shutup
    And how my left ear be double her whole getup
    Go ahead with your lame ass, blow at night
    Throw a ripped dolla at her, tell her put that on her depraved ass

    If you got more than one baby father
    Oh yes girl, we's talkin to you
    If you strip all week to go clubbin'
    Oh yes girl, we's talkin to you
    Buy a dress to front and take it back to the store
    Oh yes girl, we's talkin to you
    Wanna smoke wit me, wit no money
    Oh no, I don't want no

    No Pigeons
    No Pigeons

    (Digi' rules)
    Greet your highness, Queen's finest
    Gleam shin as three clip street fighters
    Deep dish Jeep riders
    Outlandish in they expanded rover
    Passenger in my own whip, yeah that's my chauffer
    I rap for ya, that's my culture
    When I holla holla like Ja Rule
    You in a trance from the god's jewels
    Glance at my car, drool
    Ran like the concourse
    Wonderin' damn, how much the car cost?
    Ya just another fan, applause, encores
    And when I fly through world tours on Concords
    Don't need no chicken drippin, save that for Lipton
    No scrubs here, strictly Mo' Thugs, dear
    Check the listings, no Pigeons
    Flat broke chicks, out to get rich off the next bro's shit
    Instead of TLC, you give us brotha's B.I.G. trouble
    We're just Sporty Thievz, huddle game with the illest rebuttal

    Repeat 1

    Repeat 2

    No Pigeons
    No Pigeons
    No Pigeons

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