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    "Now why ain't you over there where you supposed to be?"
    "The white trip Goldie he tried to off me man."
    "Let me tell you something now you listen to me and you listen to me
    I don't give a shit about what happened to you now I want you to get
    yourself together and get back out there and get me my money! Now I don't
    care how
    long it takes for you get out there and get it!?. Now GET!"

    Yo Big Dubez, what it look like?
    Sporty Thievz, Brando be the crook type
    King Kirk's sideburns be on hook, right?
    We just some niggaz that keep our good looks tight
    We all match

    (Marlon Brando)
    Hey yo where the party at? Blunts copped in Cogn-y-ac
    Girls in the act, like "where the fuck Marlon at? Call him back"
    Ask him where he ballin' at, thats only right,
    goin' thru all the lights, with the bright motor-bikes on the 'pike
    Girls be watchin' all the booming sales
    talkin' 'bout "do my nails and take me to Bloomingdales"
    gassed they ex-males for the Lex ginger-ale
    Playa spinned the Cryst-al, trickin' french fingernails
    Now, Virginia girls keep their hair looking lit up
    Getting' ready for the summer, all spring doin' sit-ups
    My love will make you shake-up, Call your man to break-up
    Have sex all night, and I'll leave before you wake up

    Chorus 2x

    (Big Dubez)
    Honey was bad to death, playin' the far left
    Came in with some nigga, Im figurin' ??par-lef??
    I runs up on shorty, you know bein' a sporty
    thief, I brief shorty on lickin' my whole body
    Spit a hella flame of game, what the fucks my name?
    All it took was a minute to ruin this bitch's brain
    She like "Don't you?", Im like "Yea, yeah"
    "You ripped a- that?" "Yea there"
    So why don't we, you, me, you know?" she like "yea, where?"
    Jack' with lime pieces got me straight like creases
    got rid of my dime pieces, I walked in on Alisha's
    Now honey all facetious, wantin' to skate
    that's when her man popped up, getting' ready to hate
    "Oh, so where you think you goin'?", I'm like "Yo pause, player
    we go way back, I ain't tryin' to lay her"
    I can't see how a player can't see himself getting played
    Getting' hit with "I knew boo since the 10th grade"
    To ease pa', I complemented the bar
    then I hit money with a funny cigar
    With his back turned we broke out, he gotta be burnt
    I got his bitch up in the Radisson, suckin', smokin' Madison
    Even though we bounced I still lit up the place
    cuz when he lit that long Cuban, it blew up in his face

    Chorus 2x

    (King Kirk)
    Shorty in the tight gown, over there in the pink
    threw a wink, almost dropped my drink
    As I stopped to think, it must be the links
    or the glow from the ice, reflectin' off the disco lights
    So Kirk, maybe its your night, so I stepped to her polite
    and tapped her, introduced King Kirk the rapper
    she screamed with laughter, drink splashed, could'a smacked her
    Then my breath stopped
    when I look on my shirt, I bet' not have a wet spot (bitch)
    Love, you lucky, no more to say, lifted a business card laying to EMG,
    and walked away, I don't play
    Playing's for players I'm a mack, type to be in limos jet-black
    Havin' a chat, rubbin' the cat, went over and sat
    in my reserved seats, waiter serving me eats
    I'm observing the freeks, lookin' for asscheeks
    about four of 'em or more of 'em
    then I saw some, told the waiter "Call all of 'em"
    They came said their name and that the club was borin' 'em
    and they was watching me all night but I kept ignorin' em
    I'm just thinking 'bout lurin' em to my crib, scorin' em
    As the waiter started pourin' em drinks, I peeped the whore in 'em
    Later they trapp-ted me happily, sexin' rapidly
    No strategy, actually cousin?, just the mack in me

    Chorus 2x

    (Female Singing)
    Hey there, Mac Daddy, if you want me badly
    To hop in your caddy and groooove
    You just have to spend, I'll fuck you and your friend
    Or do whatever you choooose, nowww

    (Sporty Thievz)
    Hey miss sugar mama, we ain't spendin' nada
    you gotta suck the dick (get the dick, get the dick, get the dick)
    you think you slick, you stupid bitch
    Real Macks don't trick (I thought you knew, I thought you knew)

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