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    Passed from old to young wise to dumb
    Somethin' wonder where I got my smarts from where I got my heart from
    Live by the gun then die by one your time gon' come
    Learned from my pops like father like son

    (Verse 1)
    The Fedz can't bug him 'cuz to fear him is to love him
    'Till death hugs him leavin' the stugs above him
    You could try to drug him through his food while he's grubbin'
    Half-dead paramedics got to fibulate his rubbin
    Cousin was stubbin, chrome couple in the duffle
    .357 long-nose potatoe muffle
    Nigga stayed in trouble 'till guns sprayed the bubble
    Ran out of the car, blood spots layed in puddles
    At the funeral mourn niggas poured the henny on him
    He was walking on threads, the Fedz had plenty on him
    Died with the semi on him, now life goes on
    Reading the will he said bury me with nice clothes on
    And let my wife glow on, leftover ki's while I'm waiting
    The cash, combination stashed behind the painting
    Give my son everything he's taking, what he wants he can flaunt
    The car keys with the red Dupont


    "Yo Tone, If your father was alive you wouldn't be out here
    running around wilding, drinking, smoking and shit,
    yo ass would be trying to stay alive and striving for better things in life
    You know what I'm sayin? Yo fuck that I give up."

    (Verse 2)
    Naw, that can't be Tone, who's father got blown alone
    In the tropical six, peep seats fancy chrome
    Cell phone slow jammin', Ice on his throat hanging
    Dangling, doin' ninety on sharp roads handling
    Can't be him, naw, then he jumped out
    Pulled a blunt out, dumb skunk out, then puffed his lungs out
    Stuck his tounge out, chick that passed him grabbed him
    She all laughing, rubbed his moustache, said he was dazzling
    Said call her Jasmine and passed him the pen
    Said beep him at ten, wrote his number on her skin
    Got back in the six, relaxed a bit, flashed and kissed
    Some chick snapped the tints, asked him for flicks
    He posed holding tits and chips like he was rich
    The way he flossed loot was like he hit a law suit
    Should've saw Dubez, bubling like crisco oil
    Ice reflected like foil to a disco ball


    Yo, ten o'clock sharp, honey hit him on the hip
    Tone comes through the strip, ear to the flip
    Spittin' image of his pops with a 4 pail on him
    Niggas in the street went and bust around on him
    Honey shotgun trying to clown on him
    Tone went, "Whatchu good for?" and the bitch went down on him
    Now it's on, Tone went straight to the estate
    Heavily secluded with a guard at the gate
    But wait, Tone knows hoe's goes with crime
    Crime goes with niggas tailing the whole time
    That's why he brought em' to the sticks, he was on to them dicks
    >From a lad he knew those were the niggas who killed daddy
    Told her, "Bitch, got a surprise, close your eyes, don't wrestle"
    Put it to her head and said, "God bless you"
    Ran into the crib and went straight for the guns
    Peeping the assainants through high-tech surveilence
    Like father like son done, but who the last man standing?
    Tone ain't goin' out like Bruce and Brandon
    Bombs in the canon, AK's and bazooks
    Cocked all of them shits back, said "this is for pop Dukes"


    (Verse 3)
    Of course gotta admit he was smarter than I thought
    Buried bodies under the porch and never got caught
    Lesson taught: to the smartest, there's always smarter
    and first you gotta learn to be a man before you can learn to be a father

    (Chorus fades)

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