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    Oh, oh yo
    Question tell me what you know about me
    At the dice game nothing less than a G
    Got my own ride and I got my own bread
    Even bought the chicken scrap wig on your head
    Question, ask me how i feel about chicks
    Best be independent cause you ain't gettin' shit
    The only time I trick is December 25th
    I'm coming with a rolls, some kicks, and some dick

    There's one thing worse then a chick saying "I just want chedda"
    Uh-oh, that's a motherfuckin' child's support letter
    First she want her bills paid now she independent
    Sounds more like these chicks is inconsistent
    These days everybody wanna male bash
    I tell 'em real fast to kiss my male ass
    Listen, this is how it works
    I want to fuck you on my money
    Baby it just who gets who first
    Now you all hurt telling the word nonsense
    It ain't my fault you fell in love in the process
    Got pregnant young now hun is stuck
    But if I'm taking care of my son then shut the fuck up
    Bitch I got no time to hear your heart broke
    I owe like two months rent and a fucking car note
    Take it as a quote not an answer back
    And if so suck my dick, somebody answer that

    Cause the clothes on my kid
    (I bought it)
    Everything in my crib
    (I bought it)
    The lawyer from my bid
    (I bought it)
    Even though I lost the case
    (But I fought it)
    The telly i bring my hoes
    (I bought it)
    Grams on top of grams
    (I bought it)
    The one train downtown
    (I bought it)
    Get money fuck a bitch

    1 - Yo, all my niggas who independent
       (Throw your hands up with me)
       All my niggas who gettin' paper
       (Throw your hands up with me)
       All my niggas who keeps it gravy
       (Throw your hands up with me)
       Understanding that life ain't easy
       (Throw your hands up with me)

    Yo man I'm independent cause I know
    I can spend my last on a fresh jar of 'dro
    And still up to date with the Benz for the crib
    And helpin' mom dukes keepin' food in the fridge
    (Answer) Don't ever judge a nigga by his dough
    He could be independent whether rich or poor
    As long as you know where all your money go
    Niggas know when not to give a fuck about a ho

    Check it out, my life hard man
    All I gotta do is flip
    Chicks want a yard all they gotta do is strip, its that easy
    A brother want a check, he get a job
    Some chicks want a check, they get pregnant
    That ain't right, but fuck it, it's straight blood
    Wanna wreck a nigga's life for two hundred dollars a month
    Won't let you see your seed actin' like it's funny
    She gettin' her hair done with that diaper money
    Independent, I know cats that's fightin' to live
    A week won't eat to keep lights in the crib
    Gas in the tank, shoes on the act
    California plates with dubes on the back
    I'm just here to stack on digits
    So happen I get paid to come back on bitches
    Rep my niggaz, get brain and keep on skeetin'
    We keep on with these hoes, we gon' keep on eatin'

    Cause the rims on my jeep
    (I bought it)
    The Timbs on my feet
    (I bought it)
    The couch that I sleep
    (I bought it)
    And I don't give a fuck
    (Cause I bought it)
    My web ain't no six
    (I bought it)
    Every bitch you saw me with
    (I scored it)
    The last time I tricked
    (I can't call it)
    Cause I look's out for me
    Know what I mean?

    Repeat 1

    2 - East coast didn't know I get's down like that
       West coast didn't know you get's down like that
       Dirty south didn't know you get's down like that
       Up north didn't know you get's down like that
       To my niggaz didn't know you get's down like that
       Sporty didn't know you get's down like that

    Sporty thieves is here
    Just to let my niggaz know
    That we come to get the dough
    Set this paper, fuck these hoes

    Repeat 1

    Repeat 2

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