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    Uh-oh, yeah
    Uh-oh, yeah

    1 -    Hey yo, all my life I?ve been trying to live it up
       Pigeons like to flock they just wanna give it up
       I don?t want a girl
       I just wanna hit it up

    Yo, I don?t wish nobody one the best
    What the - you expect?
    Blessings when my own - be correct
    Blaze trum, coming for you gazy dons with arms
    Hit your crib, blaze your moms
    I spit bombs, eating - real like Jeff Dons
    And chiefs that disagree with me, wave your arms
    Don?t get is twism, quit rapping and stick to living
    You like a - cycle dawg nobody like you
    I?m in the cockpit with hot -
    And just like money in Titanic
    I?m teaching - how to hot spit
    I lock - peddeling rocks
    Better off down in Broadway peddling socks
    My hands stay hot, that?s why the put metal with -
    I?m gonna rock till I?m on a yacht settling stocks
    Man - when you done with g?s, I?m hungry
    Split a cat from his hat to his Dungarees

    Repeat 1

    Hey yo I can?t spit gotta smoke a - to this
    I?m a hit a - make her son to this
    You can?t turn yourself in you gotta run to this
    From police - tote your gun to this
    Yo my car?s futuristic that?s where I keep the biscuit
    Any girl?s seen my - before must have kissed it
    Shouts to my district, girls claim distant
    Don?t ever kiss chicks that wear lipstick
    By holler catch my - on a visit
    With Timbs, when I get rich cop the lizards
    Hit a club, out the car like where the -
    Y?all - know first out being snitches
    Catch me on tv or in your girl?s pictures
    Peep the background see if panties in the pictures
    Stay with the lickest
    Surrounded by -
    We the jiggest rate girls on who the thickest

    Repeat 1

    Yo, I feel like we can fly when I floor the ride
    With them doors that open towards the sky
    - on the block like your brand Delgado
    Cause I pump out exotic you can test my product
    Life is full of stress so I drink Old Gold
    Smoke a - bring my high back with the stove
    Body frame young but my mind is old
    Bad student but with - I can honor roll
    And the only crime I risk my life for is federal
    Cause doing time for big dough is more acceptable
    Girl with sex candies that?s edible
    Only if she got a good job like in medical
    Grand stay recording, stay wearing Jordans
    Beeper with the phone so a nigga look important
    Yo what up?
    It?s that - who hit the club up
    And - sitting there playing the wall get cut up

    Repeat 1

    If a - quick - grab my - and hit it up

    Repeat 1

    If a - quick - grab my - and hit it up
    Uh-oh, uh-oh

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