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    (Female singing to Eurythmics "Here Comes the Rain")
    Here comes comes the Feds
    Watch out before they knock you and your crew
    So don't be a fool stash your jewels

    (Marlon Brando)
    Hey yo I tried to do it
    but Feds jumped out the Buick and blew it
    Hopped the fence with my gun drew it bustin through it
    I had anutha one if they catch me it's a beat down
    I'll run a couple of streets down before I put this heat down
    Yo, they had the vest, I had the Tef',
    broke my right arm runnin, Mag in the left
    run out of breath, just like Clark Kent jumped in the payphone,
    "Hello, my shit broke cuz-o, yo Dubez stay home!
    And call King ?Cape Frome? to meet me on Burke,
    and stay alert, cuz I heard Narc's is creepin' on Kirk
    but you high too, we'll be in Y-O so drive-thru
    make sure you knock two, if the doorbell, it's not you
    Yea aight? But still think about keepin the flight,
    that Kirk booked, if you agree then we leave tonight"
    "Aight aight," it's on hung up, lit one and puffed up
    Just waitin for Kirk hurt thinkin how I fucked up

    Yo here comes the Feds, the gig is up
    I guess we fucked up, made our biz corrupt
    Just maintain, cats are playin' in Pennsylvain'
    Or Maine, on the low an alias, no names

    (Big Dubez)
    Yo Marlon, what you mean meet on Burke? you off the hook
    If they out for a crook that's where they gonna look
    Don't get pepped, your best bet, dog, is clear the set
    My down low Lynette got the keys to the 'Vette
    Tell her "the Milk Turtle", honey know the code, you got heat
    and a gang of cash under the seat
    Man, fuck! I knew this deal was too sweet
    Now we in a heap, of shit that's too deep
    It was hard to sniff him out, he played it with the dreads
    I fucked up and just negotiated with the Feds
    Only if I put a tail on him, he'll be stuffed in a trunk sick
    waiting for slugs to wail on him
    Just make it to the airport dog it's gonna work,
    Gettin out of state on time, it's on Kirk
    I'ma call him, fill him in on how we gotta fly now
    I just hope my nigga ain't in cuffs by now

    Chorus (2x)

    (King Kirk)
    Damn! I thought that cat I sold to was from the old school
    old dude with the gold tooth I used to know dude
    used to push a gold coupe and scoop, mad ice cream
    nine-teen he had the white Beam' with the green ??pipe-beam??
    had clean hygiene, he stayed with a fresh scent
    breath never stink, so chicks called him Peppermint
    let me think, oh yea, he got knocked with a key
    This cat and his family told me he'd be home at three
    bring 4 ki' bags, then sounded official
    When I served him I was tipsy, plus needed the chips, G!
    I fucked up, he tricked me, probably comin' to get me
    to hit me with three and Marlon it be a conspiracy
    Shit! gotta bounce and get out this fuckin house
    Call you from down south, I'm out, "No doubt"
    Grabbed the keys and the ki's, please gotta breeze
    Some G's of cheese, about to leave then "FREEZE!!!"

    (Don't you fuckin move, put your hands on your head, get on the floor!
    Gimme a reason to put a hole in you, gimme a reason!
    That's all I need son!)


    Here comes comes the Feds
    Watch out before they knock you and your crew
    So don't be a fool stash your jewels

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