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    (Conversation on boat)

    (King Kirk)
    We might be on the mob's hitlist y'all really with this?
    Well we got five minutes so dive in it and get it with the quickness
    Dont get ridiculous bring what you can swim with that's the end of it
    At 10:40 digit I want y'all back with the shit
    Terrific we can sit sippin' Crystal Christmas
    Bricks split it into triplets and distrubute like cigarettes
    More chips than picnics hitting chicks and stuff
    Marl and Dubez keep in touch, you brothas, good luck

    You got the flashlights? [check]
    Tracking device? [check]
    All we got is what, five? Man it's time to dive
    Me and Marlon took it under, said it's best that we split up
    Take what we can at 10:35, get up

    (Marlon Brando)
    Twenty degrees five minutes, me and Dubez under siege
    With ten minutes tops, it's up to us to run the ki's
    Yo we fully prepared, scuba gear with the flares
    Shark spears, Dubez, wait for this school of fish to clear

    We dove deeper, I tapped Marlon, ayo, what's that I see there?
    Could it be that we there? Man them bricks better be there
    Tracking device blinking nigga, oh shit that's it!
    Got four and a half minutes, if we blow this, that's it

    (Marlon Brando)
    Swam and dipped to a sunken abandoned ship
    Sands quicker, one cought up and landed his
    Tampered with the compass to make sure we on track
    With bags, throw the ki's on that then we can mosey on back

    (King Kirk)
    Sitting fronting like I'm fishing, so far no coast guard
    Nervous but calm, heard my watch alarm, checked my arm
    Time: two minutes, three left, sweat and nose running
    In case let me load the gun in...Oh shit a boat's coming!

    All this coke I'm getting greedy but I gotta fight the urge
    With the ki's to the city in front of me submerged
    Time's ticking, quick, we started the brick picking
    Telling Marl after this no more of the brick sticking [Alright nigga]
    I see us pulling it off with no prob.
    What a job, Aquamen underwater robbin the mob
    took a look up, seen two boats and got shook up
    Brando, what if that's the mob and them fucking the crook up?

    (King Kirk)
    Grabbed the binocs, looked like cops, stashed the glock
    They sailed up and stopped besides me and just watched
    Finally one smiled at me then spoke finally [Catch anything?]
    Nah, still trying to! [yeah, alright] Alright me and left silently

    Yo I think my bag is worthy enough to hold thirty
    Heard me? Fuck these last three minutes, let' go early
    Dude snap out of it! Yo he's trying to pack alot of it
    Yo we gotta split or we get ourselves in hotter shit!
    Just grab what you can, you know we on a timed schedule
    We can't go out greedy and do twenty-nine federal
    We served out purpose, but now purpous in the worstess
    Situation, gotta hurry back to the surface

    (King Kirk)
    Loading ammo, 10:40, where they at? Goddamn, yo!
    Oh no no, aw man yo! here come Italiano
    Stashed the toast, but kept my hand close if they approach
    Hope Dubez and Marlon scope before they come through floatin
    >From Italians boat heard words loud and clear
    'Hey Paizano, tell that muly the get the fuck outtahea!'
    If it wasn't nine of 'em, I would've put one inside of him
    But this predicament I'm in I ain't got no time to win

    (Marlon Brando)
    Yo we swam up, all I seen was Kirk shoot the man up
    Damn! That fucked the plan up, more men in suits ran up
    Kirk put his hands up, He acting like he surrendered
    Yo he seen us intending to help that why he preteding!

    Climbed up on they boat while they bought Kirk faking
    Gat in each hand, fully armed like Troy Aikman
    Took two out, bullets ricocheing and I ain't playin'
    Tossed one gun to Kirk and continued to keep spraying

    (Marlon Brando)
    Yo he saw me reaching, I went behind the boat creeping
    Now I'm thinking 'I hope he's sleeping' we both peeped him like
    Fuck the others, he saw me, I seen him
    So I ran in they boat and shot him when he leaned in

    Semi-auto glazed blazed, I'm thinking my arm grazed
    Peeled back the last guiro, blood leaking through my Speedo
    Let's bail, blew up they boat, covered the trail
    Send a kite to the block perrico is on sale!

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