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    An angel an immortal spiritual creature attendant upon God.
    An angel a guardian sent to overlook [echoes]

    (Verse 1)
    Ay yo for you crooked cops the thug life lookin nox
    Wife cooking rocks I'm on lookout but couldn't watch
    It's terrible the scenario got me going till it's burial
    Kept it stereo so we buried him with his radio
    Some niggas robbed him and shot him took his hat keys
    Left his head a hole in the front, with no backpiece
    I'm stressin', some voices on both sides of my head
    One says, "chill," the other's like, "them niggas gotta be dead"
    Instead we all went to they block, 'bout to flip on a clip
    The full clip in my shit, and tight grip on the pit
    The serious slow, them kids was curious and shook
    like, "who's that with the clenched fist tryin to pinch the crook?"
    "Who killed my man last week? Y'all niggas is asked, man, speak!"
    Before I could shoot this old man put his hands on my damn heat
    He said, "I was sent as your guardian, you're the only one that can see me
    Killing him won't bring your friend back to life, son, believe me"

    I'm your Angel
    You're my Angel

    (Verse 2)
    Yo, I'm in the crib, high, lazy, blastin' my new Jay-Z
    Shorty I fuck with starts buzzin' my hip crazy
    Call her back, "You horny again??" lemme find out
    She's crying all hysterical I couldn't get a line out
    Said her baby father wreckless, jealous over the necklace
    Beat her up good and peeled of in a Lexus
    "Shorty, I'm over there, sit still, just chill"
    In the Ac', pedal floored with the gat onboard
    That's when I heard, "You willing to meet the law for a broad?"
    What the...Grabbed my heat, "Who the FUCK in my back seat?"
    He said, "Be cool, nigga, right now you a fool, nigga
    Pass it up, 'cuz she might be settin' your ass up or what
    You and son bump heads, get to clappin'
    Get locked up for life and it could've been avoided
    But your male pride destroyed it, eager to bust chrome
    You need to bust a U-ey, son, and go the FUCK back home."


    What should I do to this kid right here?
    This kid right here is soft, man.
    Bitch ass nigga, watch this, watch this...

    (Verse 3)
    This kid ran up on the next, attempting to front on him [yo]
    Got so close to money's face looked like he put his toungue on him
    Blew the blunt on him, swung on him, spit a lung on him
    Taking money's stuff off him, heard "Ayo, get the fuck off him!"
    Get off him? Who dat? Who said that, YOU black?
    "Yeah, give his jewels back, put ya tool back you fuckin' new jack.
    You ain't gon' use that you're a cool cat, trying to rep
    And I know you ?? goin' to do something you're gon' regret [what?]
    Don't forget it's daylight, not late night, look 8 flights up
    She's Jake's wife, snake type, better take flight [word?]
    or feel the snake bite, right? Bet you didn't even see her
    Cat with the reefer peeped her, shit, I didn't see her either
    On the phone rattin' you, pointin' at you like a statue
    Get rid of the gat, dude, out my face before I smack you"
    He laughed cool, put it down, took aim again
    Walking back he said hey my friend, what's your name again?

    (Chorus x2)

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