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    Well, a fascinating sensation, no I can't even feel it
    I just had to let you know I can't conceal it
    I was recently considering taking the pain with the pleasure
    Just to find my way to the bottom of this, I'll have to dig forever

    And it's no small measure
    Lift up your veil of tears

    Don't be disappointed child, if your prayers go unanswered
    We are not responsible for these sad circumstances
    Secret agents and freedom fighters on those impossible missions
    Better put your toys and games away, maybe take the kids out fishing

    For a family treasure
    In your early years
    Behind your veil of tears

    So frustrated
    Get up anyway
    So complicated
    Changes every day

    So the darkness fades
    And the light will come shining through

    I heard the eyes that look to a better world
    always hide beneath the veil of tears
    And you hide no more
    Lift up your veil of tears
    Hide no more
    Behind your veil of tears

    Now the executioner must be executed
    No I think we'll set him free instead, watch him run

    And you hide no more
    Lift up your veil of tears
    You hide no more

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