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    When you chew my ear off, try and let me know
    You will never get another piece of me
    Cause in a New York blackout, things go kinda slow
    And you miss the things you never thought you'd see

    There's still so many things I want to be
    Sometimes I just don't even want to sleep

    In a New York blackout, it's so hard to see
    All the angels that are looking after me

    The lies bounce off the water in your eyes
    And the dead lift their heads and come alive

    And I may never escape this darkened city
    But still I'm trying to find you in this blackout

    Where it's warm inside and always open late
    And the doors to hell look just like heaven's gate
    And you never know what's going on inside
    'Til you step out in the cold and seal your fate

    And you might just stop in and say hello
    But you've got much more important places to go
    Make sure you let everybody know

    That I may never enlight this darkened city
    Still i'm trying to find you in this blackout

    In a New York blackout, you might think I'm gone
    But I'll wake up on the front steps of your door

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