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    Gonna make you feel those things no one's made you feel before
    gonna give the kind of love that keeps you coming back for more
    gonna take your every wish and make every wish come true
    I'll be the one who'll be good to you
    I'll be the answer to your every dream
    and when you're not with me
    you'll wish that you could be.

    I'm gonna make you miss me so bad, baby
    I'm gonna make it so you can't get enough of my love
    I'm gonna make sure every night you dream of my touch
    until you're touching me, until you're touching me again.

    Gonna kiss you everywhere, show you how a kiss should feel
    gonna give something to you that keeps you running back to me
    gonna haunt you're every thought make you want me more and more
    I'll be the one you'll be dying for.

    Cause I know what to do to do you right
    and when you close your eyes
    you'll dream of me all night.
    I'm gonna make you ...

    You can't resist don't even try
    this love too strong to be denied
    I will get into your heart, I will get into your mind
    You can't escape this time.
    I'm gonna make you...

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