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    [Silkk the Shocker]
    Some shit jumpped off about 12 o'clock
    I was like
    Post on the block
    Open up shop
    Try to get away from the cops
    To get some rocks
    Some nig came through in a cutlass
    Mugging this
    Throwing up signs and riding slow
    Fuck this
    I'ma leave that nigga stanking
    What the fuck could he be thinking
    I'ma leave them eyes closed before he blinking
    187 thats what I be after
    Chop em up and halfs like fractions
    Nigga master murderer
    Killing niggas all if I gots ta
    Breaks them off propa
    With choppas
    And popsta
    First nigga I see that resemble the driver of that cutlass
    I'ma come with a gat
    Hit em in the back
    And be like what bitch
    Hits em where it hurts
    Kick up more dust than dirt
    Nigga fuck its on when I catch em
    It's time to ride
    Bust em
    Fuck em

    It's time to ride
    Who's gonna ride

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