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    (Ad lib)
    Boy, I just wanna be
    Your everything
    I'll do anything for You
    All you gotta do is just let go
    And we can flow
    I know that you've been hurt before
    But I can't get with you
    If you close the door
    The night I gave my love to you
    Was about what I felt
    In my heart for you
    You're the one I love
    So don't even trip
    I will never creep
    Like the others did
    You're the one 1 love
    Baby, it's like that I will never stop
    'Cause 1 know what I got
    You make me wanna give
    It all to you
    And keep it real. for true
    I know that you see
    We have so much
    So baby. trust
    (* Repeat with ad lib)
    (** Repeat 2 times with ad lib)
    You're the one
    You're the one I love
    You're the one
    And keep it real
    Baby, you're the one -
    (* Repeat 3 times with ad lib)

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