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    Need somebody (Repeat)
    When somebody reaches for your heart
    Open up and let them through
    'Cause everybody needs someone around
    Things can tumble down on you
    You'll discover when you look around
    You don't have to be alone
    Just one lover is all you need to know
    When you're feeling all alone, oh
    You might need somebody
    You might need somebody. too
    (You might need somebody, too)
    You might need somebody
    You might need somebody, too
    (You might need somebody, too)
    (Ad lib)
    If there's fire stirring your heart
    And you're sure it's strong and right
    Keep it burning through the cold and dark
    It can warm your lonely nights, oh
    Baby -
    Oh you might need somebody. too
    (Need somebody) Yeah
    Oh you're gonna need somebody, too
    (Need somebody) Yeah. yeah
    You might need somebody, too, baby
    (Need somebody) Oh I do, ooh
    Everybody needs somebody (Need somebody)
    I know need somebody
    You're gonna need somebody (Need somebody)
    Too, I know I do
    (Need somebody)
    Need somebody. too

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