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    Someday I'll Find You
    When one is lonely the days are long
    You seem so near
    But never appear
    Each night I sing you a lover's song
    Please try, try to hear me, my dear
    My dear
    Someday I'll find you
    Moonlight behind you
    True to the dreams I'm dreaming
    As i draw near to you
    You'll smile a little smile
    For a little while
    We should stand
    Hand in hand
    I'll leave you never (I'll leave you never)
    Love you for ever
    Please tell me I'm not dreaming
    Try to make it true
    Say you love me too
    Someday I'll find you again, ooh yeah
    Someday I'll find you, someday, someday
    Someday I'll find you
    (Someday I'll find you)
    Moonlight behind you
    (Moonlight behind you)
    Someday I'll find you, someday
    Oh, yeah (someday I'll find you)
    (Repeat til fade)

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