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    As the car begins to roll I smile as I lose control
    This weightlessness is such a gift cause gravity has lost it's hold
    I see the sky and then the ground, a kaleidoscope of light and sound
    Catching flashes of my life and just then the house lights all went out
    I want to know myself so bad it hurts but I am a shelf holding unread words

    I've said goodbye so many times in my life I am surprised it's still so hard for me
    To se that I should start living my life or I will die unfulfilled and empty

    I come to still in the chair as yellow angels step with care
    My spinal cord still sending shocks but my life's in need of repair
    There's got to be more than this
    I don't want to just exist as a hollow house for bones
    More alone every minute
    Is there a place where I can start again?

    Wake up you're sleeping behind the wheel

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